In communication CCS supports you in how you should talk with your commercial partners so that what you say builds confidence and develops your relationships in the way you need.

When it comes to strategies and business development CCS helps you with the formulation of the central strategies for your operations and creates the appropriate content and a solid structure in order for you meet your needs within this area.

Within the area of negotiation CCS supports you in planning and executing structured negotiations that support you in the goals you have with your operations and your commercial relationships.

Through mediation CCS assists both you as a private person and as a company to efficiently solve conflicts and dead-locks that threaten to develop into expensive and complicated court proceedings and terminated relationships.



CCS handles both private and commercial relations from a holistic perspective that enables you to get the most out of your relationships irrespectively of whether it is about how you in a successful way should communicate with your partners, planning how you most efficiently should enter in a new market, offering you a possibility to reach your goals in a new business deal or solving an ongoing conflict.





I have a Master of Business Administration with a mayor in International Business and I am also specialized in Strategic Communication as well as a certified Mediator from the CEDR-institute in Great Britain.

I have a broad experience of strategic positions within diverse industries and in a wide range of different foreign markets.

The most essential point in my work is always the relationship and the person behind the numbers and matter under discussion. I am certain that this point of view is crucial to success whether I am working with communication, business development, negotiation or mediation.

I am convinced that it is only when we have the ability to see beyond the actual facts of the situation and achieve a genuine understanding of the fundamental motivations and goals of our counterparts that we can create truly constructive conversations and a mutual and beneficial understanding.

It is also by being able to adapt to a universally human point of view when engaging our counterparts that we are able to build and develop sustainable and genuinely value creating relationships and businesses as well as communicating appropriately regardless of what market or culture our counterparts are from.

With my background and knowledge I have the necessary cultural and professional abilities to be a strong resource for you within the area of communication, business development, negotiation, and mediation in any situation where you might need assistance, and wherever in the world you are.

Please contact me and I will tell you more!